Brooks Sports Uncovers Counterfeit Shoes

Dec 15, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
Brooks Sports, which specializes in running shoes, recently uncovered 700 pairs of counterfeit shoes being sold by  PaulÂ’s Warehouse, an Australian retailer.

Washington-based sports equipment company Brooks recently settled a copyright infringement suit against Paul’s Warehouse, an Australian retailer.

Brooks suspected Paul’s was producing counterfeit products in early 2011. Investigating the matter, Brooks found that Paul’s had been importing and selling counterfeit athletic shoes. The shoes, which number more than 700 pairs, were created in a factory that was not authorized by Brooks.

In addition to paying for damages, Paul's Warehouse agreed during the settlement to only buy Brooks products from authorized factories for future distribution.

The company, which prides itself on its high quality, found the counterfeit products to be a large blow to its brand. 

"The authenticity of the Brooks brand is the most important asset of our company and we are committed to protecting it across the globe, under all circumstances," said Brooks CIO David Bohan.

The company also recently released its corporate responsibility report. Brooks highlighted its many measures to become a more sustainable company, including lower than average greenhouse gas emissions, and plans to use sustainable materials in its products.