Chicago Musician Sues Lady Gaga for Copyright Infringement

Aug 5, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
A Chicago musician alleges Lady Gaga infringed on a copyrighted song.

Chicago musician Rebecca Francescatti has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against pop star Lady Gaga, alleging the track entitled Judas on Gaga’s newest album, Born This Way, is based on Francescatti’s song Juda.

Francescatti’s complaint, quoted at length on the NBC Chicago website, describes how she shared some of her copyrighted music, including the song Juda, with bassist and sound engineer Brian Gaynor during the spring of 2010, when he was also working with Lady Gaga. Gaynor allegedly told Francescatti he co-wrote, engineered and played on a number of tracks on the Born This Way album.

Christopher Niro, Francescatti’s attorney, said similarities between the songs in question cannot be coincidental. He told TMZ that though the songs are stylistically different, their choruses have the same melody. He said Francescatti seeks recognition for her song and unspecified monetary damages.

Earlier this year, many pop culture pundits said the title track from Born This Way sounded just like Madonna's hit, Express Yourself. Madonna’s brother told Radar Online the songs’ similarities upset him.