Got Milk Domain Given Away in Trademark Suit

Dec 22, 2011 - LegalZoom News Source
The California Milk Processor Board recently lost a lawsuit involving their trademarked phrase, "got milk?"

The California Milk Processor Board - which owns the trademark to the phrase “got milk?” - lost a lawsuit recently over the domain name

The domain, which is registered with, Inc., was awarded to Ryan Leonard of Pennsylvania. The domain is linked to several ads that offer a variety of goods, none of which are related to California’s Milk Processor Board.

The California Board filed the claim due to its belief that the domain was earning a good portion of its profits through its trademarked phrase. However, courts ruled that the California Board does not have legitimate rights to the domain.

This is not the first trademark infringement lawsuit for the California Board over its famous phrase. In 2007, the board threatened to sue animal rights non-profit PETA for using advertisements featuring the phrase, “Got pus? Milk does.” PETA found the threat amusing, stating that no buyers of the merchandise would legitimately think the merchandise was produced by the California Board.