MGM Wants to Give Up Domain Name

Dec 13, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
MGM Resorts International recently filed a lawsuit for trademark infringement against several online domains, including and

MGM Resorts International, owner of such popular Las Vegas resorts and casinos as the Excalibur and the Bellagio, recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the owner of the Internet domain owner and operator Adam Majewski does not believe his website’s name infringes on MGM’s rights.

“Excalibur is not a distinctive mark,” Majewski’s court documents stated, according to the Las Vegas Sun. “It was the sword of kings in the Arthur legends. Thousands of businesses use this name – Excalibur Bowling, Excalibur Taxi and even Excalibur Condoms.”

With the website’s line of business very similar to that of its popular casino, MGM believes that the domain name is allowing Majewski to piggy-back off of MGM. MGM is alleging the defendant is guilty of “cybersquatting,” or using a domain with the intent to profit off of another person's or business’ trademark.

MGM is in lawsuits with several other domains, including and MGM is hoping to launch its own online poker websites tied to its popular casinos, and believes these competing domains could stymie these plans.