ITC Upholds Previous Ruling in HTC, FlashPoint Dispute

Nov 30, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
The U.S. International Trade Commission has ruled recently on patent cases involving cellphone maker HTC.

The U.S. International Trade Commission recently upheld a previous ITC ruling that Taiwanese cellphone maker HTC did not infringe on patents held by former Apple subsidiary FlashPoint.

FlashPoint filed its complaint in July 2010, alleging that HTC's Android smartphones and Windows Phone 7 infringed on three of FlashPoint's patents related to electronic imaging devices.

After considering FlashPoint's allegations, an ITC judge ruled in July 2011 that HTC did not infringe on the patents in question. On November 29, the full commission upheld the previous ruling and terminated the investigation.

FlashPoint had also brought charges of patent infringement against cellphone makers Nokia, Research in Motion and LG Electronics, but those companies settled with FlashPoint independently and were dismissed from the ITC case.

On November 22, the ITC ruled against HTC in a separate case, reversing an earlier ruling that Apple's OS X operating system infringed on some HTC patents. HTC had acquired the patents in question by purchasing the company S3 Graphics in a $300 million deal.

In yet another ongoing patent dispute, Apple contends that certain HTC smartphones and tablets infringed on Apple patents.