Apple Continues Legal Battle Against Amazon

Nov 22, 2011 - LegalZoom News Source
Apple Inc. recently filed a lawsuit against Amazon over the phrase "App Store."

Apple Inc. recently amended its trademark infringement lawsuit against Amazon, which alleges the popular online retailer illegally used the trademarked term "App Store" to promote the Kindle Fire e-reader.

Apple's lawsuit stated that Amazon's use of the phrase "App Store" might confuse consumers and lead them to believe the two companies are affiliated, which might cause Amazon's customers to believe they can download products from Apple's "App Store" and use them on Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Apple first filed the lawsuit in March, after Amazon used the phrase "Appstore for Android" in its marketing efforts for software designed to run on Google smartphones. The online retailer has continued to use the phrase "Appstore for Android" in internet advertisements after using the "App Store" phrase in September for Kindle Fire promotions.

The Kindle Fire was recently released to the public despite the lawsuit and sells for $200, which makes it a rival to Apple's iPad.