San Francisco Giants Sued Over Logo

Oct 31, 2011
The San Francisco Giants are in a legal battle with a company over the team's logo.

The San Francisco Giants and Major League Baseball are being sued by a clothing vendor in San Francisco regarding trademark rights to the Giants' logo. 

The San Francisco Giants allegedly tried to trademark the team logo earlier this year, but the application was rejected after a patent and trademark examiner found the design is virtually identical to the trademarked logo used by Gogo Sports, which makes embroidered jackets and fleeces, according to a lawsuit filed by Gogo.

Gogo Sports is asking the courts to affirm its full patent and trademark rights to the logo, which is similar to the logo that has been used by the Giants since the 1993 season.

The Giants' unregistered logo is likely still protected under federal law because it is so widely associated with the team, a law professor told SF Weekly.

The Giants compiled a record of 86-76 in the 2011 season, falling to second place in their division and missing the playoffs.