Transformers Trademark at Issue in Lawsuit

Dec 23, 2011 - LegalZoom News Source
Hasbro accused ASUS of using images in their ads that closely resembled those used in the Transformers feature films.

Taiwan-based computer technology and electronic product manufacturer ASUS was recently sued by toy and game manufacturer Hasbro for its use of the phrase, “Transformer Prime.”

ASUS has been using the phrase for its new tablet, which earned its “transformer” title due to its removable battery docket, which turns a Tegra 3 slate into a notebook. However appropriate the title may be for ASUS’ product, however, Hasbro is alleging that the phrase infringes on the Transformer trademark for the toy line Hasbro produces.

Hasbro owns the trademark to “Transformers Prime,” which it attests can be used for all toy action figures, toy vehicles and toy robot convertibles, among other products. Hasbro also believes that the ads for the ASUS tablet used images that closely resemble the recent Transformers feature films.

Not one to let a lawsuit infringe on its holiday spirit, Hasbro recently announced it will be donating more than 400,000 toys and games to needy families this year through the Gift of Play program. The company donated $2 million worth of toys through the Toys for Tots program this year, as well.