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Oct 31, 2011

The San Francisco Giants and Major League Baseball are being sued by a clothing vendor in San Francisco regarding trademark rights to the Giants' logo. 

The San Francisco Giants allegedly tried to trademark the team logo earlier this year, but the application was rejected after a patent and trademark examiner found the design is virtually identical to the trademarked logo used by Gogo Sports, which makes embroidered jackets and fleeces, according to a lawsuit filed by Gogo.

Gogo Sports is asking the courts to affirm its full patent and trademark rights to the logo, w

Oct 27, 2011

To protect the trademark on their locally grown ginseng, Wisconsin farmers are lobbying the U.S. Department of Agriculture to change quality standard regulations for the root.

Wisconsin growers produce about 95 percent of the domestic ginseng crop, according to a recent GlobalPost article.

Oct 27, 2011

Rogue websites and illegal streaming are among the digital rights issues the U.S. Copyright Office will address in the next two years, according to the organization's recently released "Priorities and Special Projects" report.

The report identified "rogue websites," or those offering users pirated versions of copyrighted books, movies and music, as a substantial and growing threat to rights holders. The Copyright Office pledged it will continue to work with Congress to find ways to identify and shut down these websites.

Oct 26, 2011

Two northeast grocery store chains are engaged in a legal battle, as New York-based Golub Corp., owner of Price Chopper stores, has alleged that rival Wakefern Corp., the New Jersey-based owner of ShopRite stores, engaged in trademark infringement.

Golub contends that Wakefern paid for trademarked keywords to use in internet advertisements, so that when users searched for Price Chopper-related terms on Google, Yahoo and Bing, they found ShopRite ads which contained phrases such as "Price Chopper flyer," the Albany Times Union reported.

The lawsuit was filed about th

Oct 26, 2011

Screenwriter Marcus Webb recently filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Sylvester Stallone, alleging the 2011 Stallone vehicle "The Expendables" was based on a short story and screenplay Webb registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in 2006.

According to Webb's suit, both his script, "The Cordoba Caper," and "The Expendables" are about a mercenary group attempting to bring down an evil Latin American dictator named General Garza, Reuters reported.