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Oct 18, 2011

Fujifilm recently filed a lawsuit against rival Eastman Kodak over digital camera patents.

The Tokyo-based Fujifilm is suing Kodak over four digital camera patents after a deal between the two companies fell through, according to Bloomberg.

In the complaint, Fujifilm alleges Kodak's EasyShare C340 and EasyShare M530 digital cameras violated the Japanese company's patents.

"There's no question in Kodak's current precarious financial state," George Conboy of Brighton Securities said to ABC affiliate WHAM.

Oct 18, 2011

Michael Alan Rubin recently filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Warner Bros., alleging that the script of the studio's hit comedy, "The Hangover 2," was similar to a screenplay Rubin wrote, based on his own life experiences.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rubin's suit states he and his bride, a Japanese woman named Tamayo, honeymooned in Thailand and India in 2007, where the couple broke up due to a dispute about Rubin's finances, and where he was cast as a leading actor in several Bollywood films.

Oct 13, 2011

Bill Russell, retired star center of the Boston Celtics, is suing the NCAA and Electronic Arts for allegedly using his likeness from his collegiate playing days without permission.

Russell contends Electronic Arts, the second largest U.S. video game maker, used his likeness in an NCAA basketball video game’s “Tournament of Legends” feature.

Oct 12, 2011

A federal judge announced recently he might toss out the antitrust lawsuit that MGA Entertainment filed against Mattel Inc. in the latest battle between the toy makers.

MGA and Mattel have been at war since 2005 over the copyright to MGA’s popular Bratz doll line. U.S. District Judge David O.

Oct 11, 2011

Prior to its November release date, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire is the target of a patent lawsuit, which was filed recently in Texas Eastern District Court.

According to legal documents, Amazon is being accused by Smartphone Technologies of violating four of its patents, which are associated with basic features commonly used on smartphones and tablets.

One of the patents mentioned in the suit relates to a method for using a touchscreen to enter commands on a hand-held computer, while another relates to a method of storing calendars on a PDA.

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