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Mar 21, 2011

Roger Anderson, former Emmet County, Iowa supervisor, recently pleaded with local legislators to maintain the Iowa Senior Living Trust, which he claims helps 16 agencies across the state, the Estherville Daily News reports.

According to the news source, Anderson reportedly asked Senator Jack Kibbie and Representative John Wittneben to preserve the $390,000 grant. Kibbie has previously said that "the thought is it's going to go."

Anderson said that the 16 agencies assisted by the grant are considering consolidating to just five.

Mar 15, 2011

A series of programs titled "Navigating Aging, Illness and End of Life" at Coweta's Central Library in Newnan, Georgia, has given local residents information on the benefits of creating a living trust, the Newnan Times-Herald reports.

According to the news provider, financial planner Sam Madaris recently gave a presentation at the library regarding estate planning, during which he touched on the creation of living trusts, which is designed to "take care of you when you are alive."

"You can set up other trusts to take care of your kids, your spouse

Feb 25, 2011

The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) in Maryland was recently given a gift of more than $52,000 from a woman's living trust that will go towards scholarships for students working towards a degree in fine arts or drama.

The scholarship will reportedly be awarded to students via the Jennie M. Pittinger Scholarship Fund. Pittinger, who is the late daughter of the gift's donor, reportedly attended the college.

According to a release, a living trust was created by the late Maryhelen Mezger and named the college's Catonsville Foundation as a benefactor.

Feb 17, 2011

The recently demolished Queen's Palace laundry site in Fort Smith, Arkansas, has been purchased by a man's living trust and is expected to be developed into an office and retail complex, the Times Record reports.

According to the records of the local county, the site was purchased by the John T. Canterbury Living Trust for $275,000 on October 4.

Feb 8, 2011

A living trust, which is created while a person is alive, is the simplest and most utilized form of trust, according to Chris Farrell, a personal finance guru for Marketplace Money.

According to Farrell, a living trust deals with the transferring of ownership of one's property, including things like a home, bank accounts and stocks.