President Obama Slipping in Latest Election Polls

Jul 28, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
Polls show Bachmann most visible GOP candidate

President Barack Obama still has more than a year before the next election but national polls released recently show he may have some work to do if he wants to keep his job.

According to National Journal, every major survey has the president with higher unfavorables than favorables with his overall ratings declining over the past two months.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, a Pew Research Center poll found that the president held a 41 percent to 40 percent advantage over the yet-to-be-named Republican candidate. In May, Obama led by 11 points.

“This shift is driven by a steep drop-off in support for Obama among independent voters,” Andrew Kohut, Pew Research president said in a statement.

The Pew poll also found Michele Bachmann to be the most visible GOP candidate with 23 percent of respondents saying they had heard her name the most.

Kohut added the state of the economy is a main reason for the president's poor showing in these polls.

“By most measures Barack Obama faces a more somber public mood and a more troubled economy than did any (recent president)”, Kohut said.