Small donations adding up in Wisconsin recall elections

Jul 8, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
Democrats raising more cash than Republicans in Wisconsin recall elections.

Two Republican senators in Wisconsin are being out-earned by the Democrats challenging them in upcoming recall elections, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently reported.

According to the local news source, finance reports filed on July 5 showed Republican Sen. Rob Cowles has collected $100,522 this year, compared to $177,300 raised by his Democratic challenger in the 2nd District recall election, Nancy Nusbaum. Another Republican facing recall, Sen. Luther Olsen of the 14th District, raised $107,111, compared to $226,501 brought in by his rival, Democratic Rep. Fred Clark.

Kelly Steele, spokesman for a labor group alliance, told the Journal Sentinel that Democrats raised more than their Republican opponents in the last reporting period in every race except one, the 8th District contest between Republican Sen. Alberta Darling and Democratic Rep. Sandy Pasch.

The 8th District includes wealthy suburbs and communities north of Milwaukee, whereas the 2nd and 14th Districts are comprised of more rural areas and industrial centers. A press release from the state Democratic Party shows average donations to the party's candidates have been small, ranging from about $19 for Nusbaum to about $37 for Pasch.

Wisconsin's six recall elections were spurred by divisive policies implemented earlier this year by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, including a measure stripping public employee unions of collective bargaining rights.