McDonald's Manager in Brazil Wins Obesity Lawsuit

Nov 2, 2010 - LegalZoom News Sources
McDonald's Manager in Brazil Wins Obesity Lawsuit

A Brazilian court has ordered fast-food chain McDonald's to pay $17,500 to a former manager who claims he gained a significant amount of weight while working at a franchise, Consumer Affairs reports.

According to the lawsuit, the employee claims he went from approximately 155 to 231 pounds during the time he spent with the company. He claimed the presence of "mystery clients," who visited franchises to test food quality and customer service, made him feel obligated to sample some food every day.

The employee, whose identity was not made public, also charged that McDonald's free lunch offering to workers increased his daily caloric intake. The offerings mostly consisted of hamburgers, french fries and ice cream, according to the lawsuit.

In June, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) served McDonald's with a notice that it would file a lawsuit unless the company stopped selling its famous "Happy Meals," which CSPI termed "unhealthy junk food."

After a strongly-worded letter from McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner said "the public does not support [the] lawsuit," CSPI announced last month that it would proceed with the legal action.