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Jun 17, 2011

Companies that operate in countries other than their own have to adhere to the laws of the respective nation. When a violation occurs, certain businesses may be prohibited from making sales abroad.

Nokia - the world's largest maker of cell phones in terms of volume - recently lost a court bid in the UK. The legal body ruled that the business could not invalidate a European patent that Germany's IPCom GmbH & Co.

Jun 16, 2011

Election fraud is a concept that is not new to America.

Jun 16, 2011

Congress can pass laws that may become outdated.

Jun 7, 2011

Illegal immigration has been an issue that has faced America for many years.

Jun 7, 2011

Though the American President may not have a direct impact on the economy, as the scope of an economic system is too vast for one man, the burden of responsibility is often placed squarely on his shoulders.

President Barack Obama urged the American people to remain optimistic about the economy after poor economic data surrounding job creation was addressed in a press conference that featured world leaders.

“I’m not concerned about a double-dip recession.