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Sep 30, 2011

Personal care product maker Procter & Gamble is in a legal battle with Christy Prunier, a small business owner who says she is a victim of "trademark bullying."

At issue is the line of personal care products for preteen girls that Prunier developed and named after her daughter, Willa.

Sep 29, 2011

Pop superstar Lady Gaga recently filed a lawsuit against Excite Worldwide, alleging the Chicago-based company has filed frivolous and illegitimate trademark applications that are interfering with her own applications.

Excite has launched a line of jewelry and cosmetics called Lady Gaga by Design, which the "Born this Way" singer says she is not affiliated with.

Sep 28, 2011

Video game company Bethesda recently sued independent game developer Mojang for trademark infringement.

The suit alleges the title of the upcoming Mojang game "Scrolls" is too similar to Bethesda's Elder Scrolls game series, and will be confused with the series' next installment, "Skyrim."

Bethesda's legal action comes on the heels of a cease-and-desist letter it sent to Mojang developer Marcus Persson in August. Persson announced he had received that letter via Twitter.

Sep 28, 2011

S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc., recently filed a lawsuit against Nutraceutical Corporation, alleging Neutraceutical's Bug Off-brand insect repellent infringes on trademarks S.C. Johnson owns for its repellent of the same name.

According to the complaint, S.C.

Sep 27, 2011

Tony Chachere's Famous Creole Cuisine - maker of dinner mixes, marinades, seasonings and other food products - recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a former licensee, Big Easy Foods.

The lawsuit alleges that Big Easy terminated its licensing agreement and - in breach of contract - entered into competition with Tony Chachere's, copying its brand, wording and packaging.