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2. Reasons to Form a Nonprofit Corporation

As someone involved with a charitable cause, you might be weighing the benefits of formally organizing your nonprofit. Sure, it will take a little extra work, but only with a state-recognized nonprofit corporation can you obtain private and public grants, low-cost postage rates and be exempt from income, sales and property taxes. Most importantly, only a formal nonprofit corporation allows individuals to donate money tax-free, while shielding your personal assets from liability.

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Our education center provides you with the general information you need for organizing a nonprofit corporation. We cover background information, such as how to obtain IRS tax exemption and provide information on operating your nonprofit corporation on a continuing basis. In addition, we answer many of the most common questions people have about forming a nonprofit corporation.

If you decide to take the next step and form a nonprofit corporation, LegalZoom can help. Simply answer a few questions online and LegalZoom will create the necessary documents and file them with your State's agency. We can also complete your application for tax-exempt status (501(c)(3)) and file it with the IRS.

To learn more and speak with a representative, please call us at (888) 381-8758.

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