"Most low-income Americans cannot afford a lawyer to defend their legal interests, no matter how urgent the issue. Unless they are in a criminal case, most have no access to help from government-financed lawyers either."

"Every other U.S. industry that has been deregulated, from trucking to telephones, has lowered prices for consumers without sacrificing quality. Entry by new firms—sometimes from other industries—spurs innovation. The legal industry will be no different."

Forbes had a very interesting write-up on what constitutes the Unauthorized Practice of Law, calling the rules “vague and hard to understand.”

We considered sharing our thoughts on a class action lawsuit brought against LegalZoom in Missouri.  It is a case with no allegations of harm to any class member and no allegations that any LegalZoom document had any faults.  We then read an article written by Daniel Fisher, senior editor at Forbes magazine, in which he explores the true purpose of the lawsuit.  We could not have said it better ourselves.  If you live in Missouri, or are just curious about why LegalZoom was sued, you can read Mr. Fisher’s article here:  Forbes Article

Frequently Asked Questions for MIssouri class action notice recipients.