Missouri Class Action Notice FAQ

What is the Janson class action notification I recently received?

LegalZoom was recently sued by two customers in the State of Missouri alleging that LegalZoom is engaged in the unauthorized practice of law in Missouri.  LegalZoom has never engaged in the practice of law in any state and denies the allegations in the lawsuit.  LegalZoom looks forward to presenting a vigorous defense at trial. 

Will this lawsuit make my LegalZoom document invalid?

No.  Legal documents that you created through LegalZoom will not be affected by this lawsuit.  In fact, the Janson lawsuit does NOT even allege that the documents LegalZoom customers created on the website are in any way defective, invalid, or improper, nor does it allege that the legal documents customers created on the LegalZoom website are faulty in any way. 

Is LegalZoom being sued by the State of Missouri?  Is LegalZoom under a government or State Bar investigation?

No.  The Janson lawsuit is a civil case brought by private individuals who are represented by plaintiffs’ lawyers.  It is not a criminal case, and it is not brought by a prosecutor, attorney general, or any other government entity in Missouri.  No state agency is involved in the case in any way.

Is LegalZoom going out of business?

No.  LegalZoom was founded in 2000 and has provided its services continually throughout the United States for more than ten years.  The current lawsuit is brought only under Missouri law and affects only customers who live in Missouri.  It does not affect the more than a million satisfied customers in other states in which LegalZoom does business.  LegalZoom will be around to serve past and future customers, both in Missouri and elsewhere, for many years to come.

Does LegalZoom owe me money?

No.  No court has held that LegalZoom is liable for damages or has done anything unlawful or unfair.   

What if I don’t want to participate in the lawsuit?

If you are a member of the defined class, you may opt out of the lawsuit.  If you opt out, you will not be bound by the result of the lawsuit.  Instructions for opting out of the lawsuit can be found in the Class Notice you received.  They are also available online at www.jansonclassaction.com.

Is LegalZoom a law firm?

LegalZoom is not a law firm and doesn’t provide legal advice, but instead offers form legal documents via the Internet.  In this way, LegalZoom’s services are similar to the self-help legal books and software you might find at your local office supply store or bookstore.  But LegalZoom allows consumers to put the power of the Internet to work through an automated, computerized process that generates documents based upon the customer’s own choices and input.

Is LegalZoom engaged in the practice of law?

No.  LegalZoom is the latest and natural evolution of the centuries-old legal self-help industry.

No jurisdiction prohibits the sale of software that generates a legal document based on a customer’s unique input.  LegalZoom has never been prohibited from operating in any state.

Should consumers be concerned about LegalZoom losing this case?

No.  If LegalZoom is found to be engaged in the unauthorized practice of law in Missouri, then every guide and legal formbook in libraries and bookstores in the state would also be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.  These days, nearly all such books are packaged with computer software that works in a similar manner to LegalZoom.  Just like with a Nolo Press® book or a preprinted form, LegalZoom customers have the ability to review and consider their legal form before committing to their purchase.  They can review the form, discuss it with their family, business contacts, and friends — they can even consult their lawyer if they like.   According to the terms of our satisfaction guarantee, if consumers change their mind for any reason within 60 days, terms available here, they can return their legal document to LegalZoom for a full refund.