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Real Estate Leases

1. Introduction to Real Estate Leases

Residential real estate owners often focus on increasing the return on their investment. Purchasers are searching the market for income property, whether renting out a former home or leasing a multi-unit apartment building.

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A solid real estate lease can protect your investment by defining your relationship with your tenants and shielding you from potential liability. In fact, a well-crafted lease should be the foundation for the ongoing relationship between you and your tenants.

The Real Estate Lease library provides you with an overview of the elements of a real estate lease. It outlines the basic lease types, security deposits, late fees, inspections and checklists as well as maintenance and other landlord obligations.

When you are ready to become a landlord, LegalZoom will take the hassle out of preparing the one document that will define your relationship with your tenant. Our high quality lease documents and easy to follow checklists and instructions give you the confidence that your interests are protected. Simply answer a few questions online and LegalZoom's online questionnaire will guide you step-by-step through this convenient process.
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