Work-at-Home Scams and How to Protect Youself


If you've seen telephone pole signs or newspaper advertisements claiming to pay high wages for at-home work, it's likely that you've glimpsed into the growing world of work-at-home scams! In a recent survey by the Better Business Bureau, investigators discovered that the majority of these "jobs" were, in fact, sales schemes whereby the applicants are required to pay $8 to $25 for packets providing additional information on the positions.

And the "guaranteed" income? The Bureau discovered the only income applicants could realize would be the income they brought in based on the entrepreneurial suggestions described in the information packets they purchased. Similar schemes describe "$1,000 - $3,000 monthly stuffing envelopes" and other work that appeals to stay-at-home mothers, the elderly and the disabled.

Those interested in pursuing one of the many work-at-home offers advertised are advised to ask for detailed information about the offer before purchasing anything and to check the company's "reliability report" by accessing the Better Business Bureau Web site at: