5 Reasons to give eMarketing Another Try

5 Reasons to give eMarketing Another Try

by Peter Giordano, December 2009

You're probably too familiar with e-marketing. How you were supposed to do frequent bulk, opt-in, or house list email campaigns-how you hoped the people you emailed to actually opened what you sent them-how you waited around for something to happen-and how little usually did.

Fortunately this kind of low percentage e-marketing is going the way of film cameras. By not building on any of the old foundations, the new e-marketing, as demonstrated by cutting-edge companies like ZapContact.com, is helping fulfill the promise of what should have been, by now, an ongoing and indispensable way of doing business.

Here are five principles that power the new e-marketing.

1. Simplicity

Through trial and error, we've all become better on the Internet. But let's face it, some forms of e-marketing can still be a major pain: like launching an email campaign.

Database maintenance, exporting lists, formatting emails, writing copy, coordinating campaign steps, doing the tracking and analysis-all of these steps can range from being exquisitely difficult to just a huge nuisance. That's because these components were never successfully integrated into your website- you had to go to other sites, and maybe several other sites, to kickoff just one campaign. Not any longer. Imagine your next offer going from concept to delivery in just a matter of minutes? It can literally be that simple.

2. Building Your Database

Database issues. We all deal with them. Or should, at least. But this is another area that can get pretty complicated. Sometimes we can enter our customers and prospects into a database easily enough. But, frustratingly enough, never get them out again. Today's e-marketing makes those database issues a thing of the past. Now, with neat technologies by businesses like ZapContact, a user-friendly database can be at your beck and call whenever you want, to exploit however you like.

3. Getting People to Talk About You

All of the nuts and bolts of e-marketing aside, what do you really want your customers to do? You want them to talk about your business, right? You want them to tell their friends and family about how neat your company is or what a great deal you're now offering. You want your campaign to go viral, in other words. That being so, a key component of today's e-marketing is providing the necessary tools, deliverable via email, that enable your people to talk to their people about you. For instance, when your customers can actually give a physical certificate or coupon to their friends or family, it's so much more effective than merely telling them about your discount.

Another technique simply involves the way email messages are sent from companies-to-customers or customers-to-friends. Statistics say that the email "open rate" from the people or companies we know and trust is nearly ten-to-one over email from strangers. These kinds of breakthrough e-marketing programs, offered by companies like ZapContact, amount to comprehensive referral programs, something your business could certainly use.

4. You Can Now Create and Manage Your Email Campaigns in Real Time

Not only has the web revolutionized e-marketing, it's also made it more convenient. Not to mention fun. Today's technology lets you sit in the driver's seat, create new email campaigns in a matter of minutes and track everything they did or didn't do just as fast. And it lets you perform this kind of marketing magic every day of the week, if you like. For example, ZapContact's online Design Wizard allows you to create no-or-low cost tools-like e-post cards, online referral forms, discount coupons, "click-to-website" emails and other types of marketing emails-in no time flat, making it fun, fast and easy for customers to respond to you.

You can also track every email you send-right down to the specific customer. ZapContact's proprietary technology, for instance, automatically tracks every email, then generates an easy-to-use report. You can view your email open rates and customer conversion percentages in a flash.

This level of speedy and accountable e-marketing wasn't even on the radar screen just a few years ago.

5. E-Marketing is Much More Affordable Now

There's at least one next-generation e-marketing service that does all of the above, in addition to giving you unlimited email campaigns, without charging you an arm and a leg. With a cost under $100 a month, it doesn't take too many successful email campaigns to pay for your ZapContact service (in some cases, depending on what you sell, just one sale will do the job). Credit ZapContact's cutting-edge technology for putting this kind of sophistication within everyone's reach.

All that said, does today's e-marketing really work? One ZapContact client, Lear Capital, has had, to date, 2009 sales of $8 million directly attributable to it. That's already double the e-marketing business the company did in all of 2008.

We've come a long way since the days of clunky, cross-your-fingers email campaigns. Today's e-marketing is now poised to become the key cog in every business that marketing visionaries always believed it would be.

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