After using LegalZoom, Kim Kardashian is now Dancing With The Stars!

After using LegalZoom, Kim Kardashian is now Dancing With The Stars!

by LegalZoom Staff, October 2009
You may know Kim Kardashian for her fashion expertise, her movie roles, or her reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians. But did you know that Ms. Kardashian is also a satisfied LegalZoom repeat customer?

Recently, LegalZoom caught up with Kim Kardashian, whose next challenge is competing on Dancing With The Stars!

LZ: Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and share your LegalZoom story.

Kim Kardashian: Thanks for having me. First, I want to say that I think LegalZoom is a fantastic company and it was so easy to use. My sisters and I formed our first corporation through LegalZoom . . . it was for our clothing store, DASH. We sell unique and hard-to-find boutique clothing and the store is doing phenomenally well. The process of setting up the corporation was so straightforward and easy that I also used LegalZoom to form Kimsaprincess, LLC. Kimsaprincess, LLC is the entity I formed to protect myself from any liabilities related to my work on television, movies, and more.

LZ: Do many celebrities form corporations and LLCs to protect themselves?

Kim Kardashian: Oh yes, almost all the celebrities I know have LLCs for their work. Everything we do is done through an LLC. My lawyer friends told me this very early on and so I handled it myself.

LZ: That's great to hear. Thousands of corporations are formed with LegalZoom's help, and we love to hear about our customers' success stories.

Kim Kardashian: Let's put it this way: I loved LegalZoom so much, I just used it again recently. The company I am starting is called ""

LZ: Sounds intriguing.

Kim Kardashian: is an online women's shoe company I am launching very soon. ShoeDazzle will deliver amazing shoes to your doorstep each month, chosen by Hollywood's hottest stylists, carefully matched to each customer's fashion tastes, and at crazy low prices. I incorporated it at LegalZoom.

LZ: Congratulations on all your success. You sound very busy these days.

Kim Kardashian: Extremely, but I am happy to be busy. Which is another reason why LegalZoom is great. It takes me no time to take care of the business aspects of my business.

LZ:, movie roles, TV show . . . and we heard you are going to be dancing?

Kim Kardashian: Yes! I am one of the contestants this season on Dancing With The Stars! I am very, very excited about it. Let me tell you, it takes a lot, and I mean a lot, of hard work trying to keep up with the professionals. But hopefully, I will surprise people with my dancing. Please vote for me!

LZ: Thank you for your time Kim, and thank you for your business. We truly appreciate it and will tell everyone to vote for Kim Kardashian on Dancing With The Stars.

Kim Kardashian: Thank you! Wish me luck!