Cool as ICE: New App Could Save Lives

Cool as ICE: New App Could Save Lives

by Joanne Hanlon, December 2009

LegalZoom and Donate Life America have joined forces to create a state-of-the-art iPhone ICE App (ICE: In Case of Emergency). The ICE App is quick, free, and easy-to-use.

There are two ways to help save lives with the ICE App:

  • Providing first responders easy access to life-saving medical information
  • Making your organ donation wishes known to medical staff

Counting down the minutes after an accident, physicians and first responders aim to treat patients in the so-called "Golden Hour." It's called this because the chances of surviving an accident are substantially greater with treatment within the first 60 minutes. Providing first responders with real time information about medical conditions, allergies and even blood type could potentially improve your chances of survival. The free iPhone ICE App enables you to do just this.

After downloading the ICE App from the iTunes store, iPhone users can input their personal information, including:

  • Blood Type
  • Existing Medical Conditions
  • Emergency Contacts (Includes an auto-email function to notify your contacts)
  • Medications
  • Photo For Identification
  • Physician Contact Information
  • Potentially Life-Threatening Allergies To Food Or Medicine

Donate Life with ICE

What's more, you can also include your organ donor preference. According to Donate Life America, 90 percent of Americans say they support organ donation, but only 30 percent say they know how to become a donor.

Download Your Free iPhone ICE App Today

Visit the iTunes store and enter "ice-app" in search to download the free ICE App now, or click here to download from the iTunes store. For more information visit the ICE App site at:

ICE Cold Stats

Need more to be inspired? Check out these statistics.

  • 60 - Minutes after which odds of surviving an accident plummet [1]
  • 8 - Minutes in which first responders aim to respond to emergencies [2]
  • 5 million - Americans requiring emergency room visits each year because of motor vehicle accidents [3]
  • 100,000 - Americans awaiting life-saving organ transplants (approx.) [4]
  • 12 - Frequency in minutes of another name being added to the national organ transplant list [4]
  • 18 - Americans who die each day waiting for an organ transplant [4]
  • 90 - Percent of Americans who say they support organ donation [4]
  • 30 - Percent of Americans who say they know how to become a donor [4]
  • 1 in 84 - Lifetime odds of dying because of a motor vehicle accident*[3]
  • 1.6 million - Annual number of emergency room patients who could not provide personal information because they were incapacitated [5]
  • 0 - Cost of using the ICE App to give a first responder information he or she can use to save your life
  • 30 million and growing - iPhones that support the ICE App [6]
  • 1 - Number of ICE (In Case of Emergency) iPhone Apps enabling users to input medical conditions, medications, insurance provider information, blood type, organ donation status, physician contact information, medical provider information, allergies to medicine or food, photo identification, emergency contacts and automated emails�all at no cost.

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