How to Get Legal Help for Your Business

How to Get Legal Help for Your Business

by Kylie Ora Lobell, February 2016

You have a great idea, and you've decided that you want to officially establish a business around it. Perhaps you've already gone through the initial stages of starting a business, but you still need guidance on some key issues.

Whether you're just beginning your small business journey, or you've been in operation for years, you need legal advice before you make certain moves.

This advice can come from a business lawyer, an online business legal plan, or from free business and legal resources online.

By seeking out answers to your legal questions and getting the correct answers from a professional or website, you're protecting yourself and your company and ensuring that things run smoothly. You're putting yourself on a path to success when you have the right person or resources at your side to help you understand the legalities of different small business circumstances.

Are you thinking about seeking out business lawyers or finding small business legal advice online to help you? The following are some cases in which it's best to research which steps to take to propel your company forward.

Situations That Would Require a Legal Consultation

If you're getting started with your small business, you'll need to choose what type of structure and business formation works for you. In many cases, this will be a limited liability corporation, which you can find out about through your business lawyer or legal resources.

Your needs won't stop there. You'll want to hire a lawyer directly or perhaps sign up for a business legal plan, such as the one offered through LegalZoom. That way, you can consistently work with one person or firm whenever an issue arises.

For instance, what happens:

  • If you're disputing with one of your partners over your shares in your business?
  • If you want to trademark one of your products?
  • If you're having issues with your taxes and don't know how to file?

Also, any time you're signing new contracts with clients, you're going to need contract review and document review assistance. You may know how to run a small business, but you probably aren't aware of the proper legal jargon that goes into contracts. To prevent any wrongdoings from occurring, you'll need someone who can review your materials with a fine-tooth comb.

Having an experienced lawyer to turn to at all times is going to save you valuable resources and energy.

Where to Find Free Legal Information Online

There also are numerous free resources online where you can begin to find answers to your business law questions.

For example, there's the U.S. Small Business Administration website, which offers information on starting and managing your business, as well as guidance on where to find local help in your area.

While is known for articles on businesses as well as columns from prominent entrepreneurs, it also features blogs on small business basics.

The IRS website has a number of pages on small business legal and tax issues, and provides all the forms you need for tax purposes.

The LegalZoom Knowledge Center hosts a range of articles on small business topics that can help answer essential questions asked by small business owners.

These websites are informative and will give you an idea of how you need to proceed in order to start and successfully run your business. Plus, the advice and content on them is free and easy to access, meaning that you can research on your own time at no out-of-pocket cost.

However, the free materials available online should be utilized for informational purposes only. They're not going to answer your specific questions, and you can't study them enough to learn contract review and document review. Only a business lawyer can help with that.

You've done the heavy lifting, which is formulating an innovative idea to share with the world. Now, all you need is good legal advice and you'll be able to focus on running and growing your business.

Get legal help for your business at an affordable price through LegalZoom. The business legal plan offers unlimited 30-minute phone consultations with an attorney on new legal matters for a low monthly fee. Business tax advice is also included with the business legal plan.