My Story: How I Started a Specialty Bakery by Holly Beach

My Story: How I Started a Specialty Bakery

Today, Holly's dream of a full-time Certified Gluten-Free bakery is a reality. Offering over 200 gluten-free items, their products are a treat for those with and without Celiac disease. Learn how she took an idea and transformed it into a thriving business.

by Holly Beach
updated October 16, 2014 · 1 min read

Holly Beach, founding of the Silly Yak Bakery in Madison, Wisconsin, has been baking gluten-free breads and treats since 2002. “After I found out how hard it was for a gluten-intolerant person to enjoy safe and tasty foods on a daily basis, I was determined to to start baking gluten-free treats for those with Celiac Disease to enjoy ” 

Before moving to Madison, Holly's bakery was in Rochester, MN, where the Mayo Clinic would buy some of her gluten free goodies for newly diagnosed celiac patients at St. Mary's Hospital. On their way home, newly diagnosed folks would stop at the bakery to get some goodies for their trip and order more for the future--which led to the start of her mail order business.

In January 2009, Holly welcomed Brian Roberts as a business partner and co-owner of the Silly Yak Bakery. Brian is a native of Madison and brought administrative and marketing expertise to the Silly Yak. That December, the Silly Yak obtained a U.S. Trademark through LegalZoom to protect its unique logo. Together, Holly and Brian have made the dream of a full-time Certified Gluten-Free bake facility a reality. They currently bake over 200 gluten-free items, five days a week and ship to thousands of customers internationally.

The Silly Yak has over 25 varieties of gluten-free breads and hundreds of treats ranging from cookies, muffins and scones to biscotti, pies and pizza crusts. Their newest gluten-free items include specialty vegetarian and meat pizzas and Honey Brown Rice Breads and Buns. They also make a large assortment of dairy and egg-free breads and treats.

The Silly Yak Bakery is a Certified Gluten-Free Bakery that ships over 200 Fresh-Baked, Gluten-Free items to people throughout the US. Their furthest customer was a civilian contract worker at a US Marine base outside of Baghdad, Iraq.

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