Top Five Must Dos for Every Parent

Top Five Must Dos for Every Parent

by Sherry Ciurczak, December 2009

Whether you just had your first child or you are having your third, you have plenty to think about. First time parents juggle diapers to change, storybooks to read, a home to baby-proof — not to mention finding time for sleep. Soon you will have to think about schools, after school activities and play-dates. But every parent should take some time read the following five tips to ensure that your child and family memories are protected.

1. Get a life insurance policy:

If you don't have a life insurance policy, now is the perfect time to get one. Life insurance is an essential form of protection for your growing family. It can protect your new baby financially, ensure that your existing family can stay in your home, and fund college tuitions in the event you are no longer present to provide a secure financial future. If you are interested in obtaining life insurance, be sure you get the best rate and policy. Click here for free life insurance quotes.

2. Create or update your will:

It's very important for any parent to make a last will. Your will needs to include instructions related to the care of your children. While you may have guardians in mind to take care of your child in the event you no longer can, it's critical to put your wishes into a legally binding document such as a last will or a living trust so you can be sure your wishes will be carried out.

3. Check your beneficiaries:

If you already have life insurance, retirement plans, or other financial instruments that pay benefits upon the policy-holder's death, make sure you update your beneficiary designations to take care of your new arrival. Due to legal considerations for minors, you may want to think about designating a guardian to administer benefits for your children.

4. Store copies of your important documents online:

There's a new option available these days to safeguard vital documents — storing them online. It's generally less expensive than renting a safe-deposit box, and unlike a physical document, an electronic version is safe from fire, floods or other natural hazards. Reputable online document storage companies have a series of backup systems to make sure your documents stay safe. And in case of emergency, you can easily access them. Not to mention, you can also store special pictures and videos of your family as well.

Studies show that 43 percent of people lose irreplaceable files each year. Thirteen percent of hard drives crash in their first year. And, only one out of 100 stolen laptops are ever recovered. Protect your important documents, pictures and files now. Click here for a 15-day trial.

5. Reserve a domain name for your child:

Children born today will grow up in a world in which the importance of the Internet is a given. Staking out a piece of cyberspace for your new baby or your active teen can ensure that he or she will have an online home in the future. It's fast and relatively inexpensive to do, and your child will thank you later.

All parents have plenty to think about after bringing a bundle of joy home. First-time parents especially may feel overwhelmed at the list of responsibilities associated with a new addition to the family. But remember, whether you have just had your newborn or you are the parents of teenagers, your children are counting on you to keep them secure so there is no time like the present to plan for the future; and by following these five tips, you'll be making a good start.