Turn Your Hobby into Extra Cash: 10 Ideas you can Start from Home

Turn Your Hobby into Extra Cash: 10 Ideas you can Start from Home

by Heleigh Bostwick, April 2008
Are you a parent with a passion? Do you have a particular hobby you enjoy? Do you work in an industry where you could easily make the transition to consultant? If so, then a home-based business is probably a good option for you. Working out of your home can be a rewarding and profitable experience--provided you choose a business that there's a market for.

While the usual home-based businesses such as eBay seller, tutor, and medical transcription are always an option, if you're looking for something a little less traditional, then the businesses listed below definitely make the cut.

1. Computer Consultant

Computers are here to stay. If you've ever experienced the frustration of a computer malfunction, either hardware or software (and let's face it, who hasn't?), and managed to fix it yourself you're ahead of the game. In fact, in today's world it's a good way to make a living. After all, most people don't have the time or the inclination to fix computer problems on their own.

2. Online Boutique

After becoming parents many moms (and dads) realize there's a need for a particular something that other moms, dads, and kids need too. It could be organic cotton clothing, personalized books, or something unrelated to children such as organic and natural personal care products made with natural ingredients.

3. Organic Farm

With organic produce in high demand these days an organic farm--small or large--makes sense. The good thing is that you can join an organic farm cooperative so you don't have to go it alone, and best of all it doesn't take an agricultural degree to become an organic farmer, just an understanding of organic gardening practices and a passion for growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

4. Alternative Energy Consultant

The alternative energy field is one that usually requires specific expertise, but if your background includes any of the following industries--environment, finance, energy, environmental law, and of course alternative energy--then it's quite possible you can use your expertise to become a consultant to the thriving alternative energy industry.

5. Gardening Coach

If you love gardening and have acquired substantial knowledge over the years about plants and design, then becoming a gardening coach may be of interest. Gardening coaches offer gardening advice to help people get started and are typically less expensive than design professionals.

6. Home School Consultant

As more parents become disillusioned with public education, they are turning to home schooling. Home schooling consultants typically have a background in teaching and education and offer services such as curriculum development, individual tutoring, year end assessments, and workshops for home schooling parents.

7. Translator

Yes, many people around the world do speak English but they're often more comfortable speaking in their native language. That's why in a global economy translation skills are always in demand. If you were a language major or simply enjoy languages, this might be a good choice for you. Some schools even offer a professional certification in translation.

8. Mystery Shopper

As stores become savvier about marketing in the pursuit of consumer dollars, mystery shoppers will be in greater demand. If you love to shop then this might be the ideal job for you.

9. House Sitter

Even if you have an alarm system, if you travel frequently or are planning a vacation, having an actual person stay in your home while you are away offers peace of mind for many people.

10. Pet Care

For many people pets are members of the family and that's one reason why pets are big business here in the US. Whether it's dog walking, dog sitting, pet daycare, selling organic pet food, or grooming and pampering the pet care business is booming.

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