Attorney Platform
Are you an attorney with an eye to the future? Have a hand in it too.
We're looking for incredible attorneys passionate about changing the delivery of legal services for an evolving world. Are you with us?

Serve more people who need your help

We believe everyone deserves quality legal help

But not everyone has access to it. We've been changing that for 20 years, and we're just getting started.

We're exploring new ways for attorneys to serve more people who need legal help, through state-of-the-art tools and technology that will drive efficiency, collaboration, and success.

That's where you come in. Making legal help available to all wouldn't be possible without talented attorneys. If you're a forward-thinking, tech-savvy attorney passionate about increasing legal access—we want to hear from you.

We're envisioning a platform that would allow you to:

  • Augment your income by helping people who turn to us for legal support
  • Save time and money by leaving all the marketing and billing to us
  • Focus on legal matters that align with your expertise, while building that expertise
  • Have a more flexible work schedule, and work virtually from wherever you are
  • Transform how you work through game-changing technology

Transform how you work with game-changing technology

Be a part of an elite group of attorneys

By submitting your interest, you will:

  • Learn more about this opportunity, how it works, and ways to engage
  • Give honest feedback and input as we build out the platform

Once we build the platform, there'll be a rigorous vetting process to be selected for participation. If you're selected, you'll receive extensive training on our systems and products. And you'll be part of an elite group of attorneys on the forefront of transforming legal services.

Please complete this form to submit your interest:

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We'll contact you within 30 days to share details and next steps.
To be considered, you must have:
  • 5+ years practicing law
  • Passion for providing great client service
  • A spotless state bar record and online reputation
  • The ability to explain complex legal issues in simple ways
  • Experience with technology, and comfort with virtual collaboration
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