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Meet the Zoomer - Dewi S

LegalZoom’s greatest asset is its employees. Their talents and passion for our mission of democratizing law drive our company forward. Read on to meet one of these incredible Zoomers. 

Dewi (pronounced DEE-wee) is the high-energy ringmaster of LegalZoom’s Knowledge Management. Quick-witted and resourceful, she approaches her work with a passion for learning and a ceaseless quest for improvement. Dewi oversees the internal repository of information on products and services available to our customer-facing teams. With quick and easy access to the information they need, representatives can more efficiently assist our customers.

It’s her extensive background in research and phenomenal people skills that make Dewi perfectly suited to spearhead our Knowledge Management. She holds a master’s degree in applied psychology and spent ten years evaluating school reform efforts throughout the country. In Austin, she met Zoomers who encouraged her to make the leap from traditional education to corporate learning. Her penchant for taking on new challenges led to her to her role in Knowledge Management. She will be celebrating her five-year anniversary with LegalZoom in March.

Dewi is a strong believer in the LegalZoom mission and loves the fact that Zoomers at all levels care about the company’s goals. “We all know why we’re here,” she says. “We all care about our mission. We all care about our customers. And it keeps us motivated.”

When she’s not expanding our knowledge base, she’s putting her vibrant energy to use on the dance floor. She loves to samba, rumba, and even participates in flash dance mobs. She also loves to travel and, as a fan of rugby, she’s looking forward to one day visiting New Zealand.

When asked to name the greatest influence in her life, she’s quick to name her mother, a teacher and school principal. “As a lifelong educator, she was a great motivator and didn’t settle for second best or half-hearted efforts,” she says. “She taught me the importance of honesty and to always be ready to give and receive the truth.”

That desire for excellence shapes her philosophy as a leader. She believes in managing direct reports with encouragement and opportunities for growth. “My philosophy is to teach them to be able to do my job. That involves weekly development sessions to evaluate real-time growth and strengthen areas,” she explains. “Employees don’t grow accidentally. They have to be motivated and managers have to promote it.”