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Meet the Zoomer - Jonathon V

For many Zoomers, working at LegalZoom is like working with family. They’re met with a warm welcome and lots of support, with coworkers willing to answer questions and help new employees get acclimated. But for a handful of Zoomers, working at LegalZoom literally means working with family. Read on to learn about one such Zoomer.

Jonathon is responsible for leading a team in Backends where documents are created and reviewed for consistency and completeness before being shipped to customers. He got his start at LegalZoom nine years ago when he applied for a position after being encouraged by a fellow Zoomer – who also happened to be his mom. If working with a parent seems strange to you, brace yourself for this: he also works in the same office as his wife and two brothers. LegalZoom, for him, is a real family affair.

As he describes it, working with family isn’t bad at all. If anything, it allows him to spend more time with them. But he’s sure to make a clear distinction between home life and work life. So when he’s at the office, his siblings are just fellow Zoomers. 

Jonathon recently took advantage of a great Zoomer perk, the Employee Free Product Program, to launch his own business. After two years of research and trial and error, he was ready to launch his own line of beard oils and balms. He’s kicking it off by building a website and promoting the line at trade shows.

LegalZoom and his new venture keep him very busy but he always finds time for his wife, kids and their puppy, Toodles. Together, they enjoy watching the latest movies. They also make it a point to stay active as a family.

His advice to new Zoomers just coming on board? Take advantage of the many development opportunities LegalZoom has to offer and work hard because it will get noticed here. LegalZoom is a company that wants to see its employees grow and succeed. Zoomers are constantly rooting for one another and treat each other like family – even when they’re not actually related.