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Meet the Zoomer - Roberto C

Zoomers come from all walks of life and many have had different careers before joining our team. Their experience gives them terrific perspective and is invaluable to LegalZoom’s tradition of thinking outside the box to develop solutions that defy the industry’s status quo. Read on to learn about one Zoomer’s unique path to our Marketing Analytics Team. 

Roberto first worked with LegalZoom as a consultant to the Marketing team, and the fit was so perfect all around, we asked him to become an actual employee.    

He’s a data scientist, responsible for interpreting data to better understand how we’re doing as a company and how various strategies may affect our bottom line. For nearly 20 years, Roberto was a very different kind of scientist. He was an evolutionary biologist and professor at Simón Bolívar University in Venezuela. Much of his research, dating back to his doctorate work at the University of Chicago, centered on the intersection of biology and mathematics, relying heavily on the use of statistical models. With this background, it wasn’t an unimaginable leap from biology to data science when he moved to California a few years ago.  

In his free time, he enjoys reading history books, hiking and watching movies, particularly sci-fi flicks, documentaries, and biopics. He also loves flying and has been lucky enough to ride in a few vintage WWII aircrafts. He has some incredible stories about plane malfunctions on research trips and lucky landings on remote islands. For several years, he was also a professional diver, a requirement of his work in marine biology. And, to prove that life in science can be thrilling, he has an extraordinary story about a death-defying dive.

We’re delighted to have Roberto on board. He joins a cadre of uniquely talented, sharp individuals. LegalZoom is all the better thanks to amazing Zoomers like him.