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Meet the Zoomer - Tim S

Our employees make LegalZoom what it is, and we couldn’t work towards our mission of democratizing law without each and every one of them. Read on to learn about one of our very special Zoomers.

Tim brings a fun-loving and down-to-earth energy to LegalZoom. In fact, he joined LegalZoom because of our easy-going culture. Prior to coming on board, he had been working as an energy broker in Austin and found the transition to our office to be a smooth one. “Going from cold-calling and door-to-door selling to inbound sales at LegalZoom was an easy decision,” he says. 

            As Assistant Manager, he is now responsible for developing and leading an effective sales team. His duties include coaching Sales Specialists, helping with problems that arise during phone calls, implementing strategies to increase efficiency, and handling various other tasks to help the Sales Team operate without a hitch. “The hardest task about changing roles was getting to know a completely new team,” he says. His previous sales experience certainly made the transition much easier.

            A native Chicagoan, Tim was drawn to Austin by its mild weather and has called it home for the past five years. He joined the Zoomer family as a Sales Specialist in 2012 and it wasn’t long before he was promoted to Lead and, soon after, Assistant Manager. “LegalZoom treats its employees well so it’s very easy to stay loyal to the company,” he says.

There are many things he enjoys about being a Zoomer, but his favorite comes along only a few times a year. “It’s when the stars align and we get our paycheck the same day as Bagel Friday. Not only do I get paid, I get breakfast for free!” He also enjoys making full use of the ping-pong table in Austin’s Zoomer Commons. “I like to teach my coworkers a thing or two,” he jokes.

The advice he’d give to new Zoomers is to always be ready for change. “Folks who get frustrated are the ones who get comfortable with the status quo,” he says. “We’re constantly evolving at LegalZoom, whether it’s with a product, a process, or team organization. You just have to be open to innovation.”

            A major sports fan, Tim spends a lot of his free time supporting his favorite teams, including the Ohio State Buckeyes and Chicago Bears. He also recently became a NASCAR enthusiast. His favorite driver is one of the least successful but one of the most fun to watch. “Greg Biffle, number 16, is the man,” he says. Just don’t expect him to get too excited about basketball. “The game no longer has any defense. I just can’t enjoy it anymore.” You can be sure to catch him on the ice rink where he plays left wing for The Jamokes in a local league. He’s been playing hockey since the age of four and remains devoted to the sport even after torn ACLs and surgeries on both knees.

His secret to being a good leader, both on and off the ice? “I bribe my team with pizza,” he jokes before adding, “The real secret is to treat the team like family.”