Limited Scope Representation Agreement


Welcome to Pulse! We are a law firm headquartered in England. Our full name is Pulse Global Services Limited and you can find us at: 130 Old Street, 5th Floor, London EC1V 9BD. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (we even have a SRA ID number – it's 617803).

We're glad that you have chosen to move forward with our entity formation legal services. In order to keep this simple, we need to make sure you understand the scope of the services that we are agreeing to provide.

A limited scope representation agreement does just what it says: it limits the scope of representation to certain specific legal services for a short time or particular purpose. The remainder of tasks outside the scope of this agreement will be your sole responsibility.

Entity Formation Legal Services

In this matter, you agree that our representation of you will be limited to the legal services related to the formation of a single entity (“Services”). The Services will include the following:

  1. Telephone and e-mail consultations, during normal business hours, related to formation of the entity, for a period of 15 days from your Pulse order date. We reserve the right to limit the frequency and duration of these consultations. We will provide you with information and our advice regarding what type of entity to set up.
  2. Review of your completed entity formation documents required to be filed with the Secretary of State (“Formation Documents”), which may include (as appropriate) Certificate of Formation or Articles of Organization.
  3. If there are issues with your Formation Documents we will provide a telephone or e-mail consultation to resolve those issues as needed. We reserve the right to limit the frequency and duration of these consultations.

We always reserve the right to limit the Services (more on that below). While providing the Services, we make no guarantee as to a particular result.

There are some things specifically excluded from the Services. A summary of the big things includes the following:

  1. We will not provide advice on your business outside of issues related to forming your entity;
  2. We do not promise that any entity name will be approved and/or accepted by the applicable Secretary of State. All names are subject to availability and approval by the respective state agency.
  3. We will not represent you in disputes with employees, contractors, or third-parties of any kind, including governmental bodies;
  4. Aside from review of the Formation Documents listed above, we will not prepare or negotiate any entity documents (i.e., EIN application, company or operating agreement, maintenance documents, third-party contracts) or provide additional services (like registered agents services). If, however, you would like additional work or services, we can provide those for you under a separate agreement for a fee. If, in our sole discretion, you have a request that we do not think we can adequately service (for any reason, regardless of subject matter), we reserve the right to decline to provide that service.


Pulse may use certain service providers to complete the Services under this agreement. Any funds required for those covered services requires no additional payment by you.

Pulse has the right to subcontract Services under this agreement to lawyers located in the United States. Services performed by attorneys in the United States are governed by the ethical rules in the state of the licensed attorney.

Pulse utilizes professional staffing services of Pulse Business, LLC, and Pulse IP, LLC, and the services of, Inc., none of which are law firms or regulated providers of legal services.


There are no fees due to Pulse for the Services under this Limited Scope Agreement. However, as this agreement covers only advice related to the formation of an entity, you will still be responsible for fees related to formation of the entity, including without limitation, any filing fees charged by the Secretary of State.

Dispute Resolution

Pulse is committed to customer satisfaction. If you have a complaint about our Services, please contact us by emailing If we cannot resolve your issue immediately, we will send you a copy of our complaints procedure.

The resolution detailed in this policy is independent of the state bar regulatory scheme that governs attorney conduct in the United States.


You may terminate this agreement and discharge Pulse at any time by written notice, effective when received. Unless specifically agreed by Pulse and you, Pulse will provide no further Services on your behalf after receipt of the notice.

Pulse may terminate this agreement at any time, and your attorney(s) may withdraw at any time as permitted under the ethical rules of conduct in the respective state of licensure.

Additionally, if, at any point, a conflict of interest is found between you and another client represented by Pulse, Pulse may obtain written consent of both parties to proceed. If a conflict of interest is found which requires Pulse to decline representation, or if both parties do not consent, Pulse will not find alternative counsel and will withdraw as attorney.


Pulse retains the right to refuse service to anyone at any time or with respect to any particular matter.

This Agreement contains the entire agreement of you and us as to the subject matter. No other agreement, statement, or promise made on or before the effective date of this agreement will be binding on you and us with respect to the subject matter.

You are accepting this Limited Scope Representation Agreement on behalf of yourself as an individual and not on behalf of any other person or entity. You acknowledge that representation of you as an individual under this agreement is limited to just the formation of an entity. In the event that Pulse is retained by the newly formed entity for any services, you waive any conflict (to the extent any may exist) related to Pulse's representation of the entity.

This agreement is effective as of the date of acceptance, and will continue until the earlier of (a) completion of the Services, (b) termination by either of the parties, or (c) 180 days after the date of acceptance.