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Your Story Could Become LegalZoom's Next TV Commercial

Do you have an inspiring story about starting your business, protecting your family or launching your dream? If you have accomplished something you never thought you could, and LegalZoom was a part of that, we would love to hear your story. And who knows, it could lead to a LegalZoom TV commercial and $5000!

This is a contest for "stories" - not produced TV commercials. Just sit in front of your camera and tell your story and how LegalZoom was able to help. Explain why your business is unique and why you are passionate about it. Tell us why you decided to get your Last Will and how that made you feel. Share with us the story of turning a great idea into a great invention, and then making sure it was protected. It’s that simple.

So sit in your favorite chair, get the camera, and zoom in.

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