How to Make a Great
Customer Story Video

If you've got a great LegalZoom story, we want to hear it! Here are a few guidelines and tips to get you started.

General Storytelling Tips

  • Inspirational stories are the best stories. Tell your story in a way that would inspire others, and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine.
  • Describe what you wanted to accomplish at LegalZoom and tell us how LegalZoom helped you achieve your goal.

Details, Details, Details!

  • If you formed a business or trademarked a business name or logo, tell us your company name, what your company does, where you got the idea, and what motivated you to take the first step. Most importantly, tell us why you are passionate about your business.
  • If you patented an invention, tell us the name of your invention, what it does, and what inspired you to create it.
  • What problem did you solve?
  • What is unique about your business or invention?
  • If you created an estate-planning document (Last Will, Living Will, Living Trust), tell us what motivated you to create it, and how you feel now that you’ve taken care of this important legal document.
  • If you copyrighted an original creative piece, tell us what you created, what your inspiration was, and why you feel passionately about your work.

Reminder! Important Contest Requirements

  • To be considered for the contest, please submit your video by 11/20/09.
  • Make sure to include in your story how LegalZoom helped you achieve your goal.
  • Do not use copyrighted material in your video, including music, art, posters, books, etc.
  • Do not include anyone in your video apart from yourself and your immediate family.
  • Please keep your video under 6 minutes.
  • Remember! We are not looking for a professionally produced video. Just set up your camera in front of a comfortable chair and tell us your story.

Acceptable Video Formats

We can accept the following formats: Windows Media (.wmv), 3GP (cell phones), AVI (windows), MOV (Mac), MP4 (ipod/psp), MPEG, or MKV (h.264) file.

Video Size

Your file must be less than or equal to 1GB.


Your equipment doesn't have to be fancy - you can use a basic Webcam, digital camera, or a video camcorder. You can edit your videos with Windows Movie Maker or other movie software.


Make sure you use good lighting. Consider using more than one light to prevent shadows.


Avoid clutter in the background of your video, and if possible, choose a setting that relates to your story. For example, if your video is about setting up an LLC, consider filming in your office. But again, your story should be the main focus (not the background), so a blank wall and an easy chair is all you really need.