Let's navigate your business journey, together.

Starting a business can present unexpected obstacles. LegalZoom Equip connects business owners with the resources and guidance needed to manage business growth. We helped you start your business. Now let's help you succeed!

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Build a Roadmap

Work with a dedicated team to create a roadmap for your unique business needs.

Track Your Progress

Ensure you're on the right path towards reaching key business milestones.

Reach Key Goals

Gain tailored guidance from your team to successfully accomplish business goals.

With Equip, you get a dedicated account manager to help your business get up and running. They become your single point of contact with LegalZoom that provides business advice and industry best practices.
You have access to a dedicated attorney for general business questions and to discuss any implications for your business, as well as review any third-party drafted contracts.
As part of your dedicated Equip team, you have access to a tax professional that will assist with various tax prep and filings.
Equip includes additional perks, tools, and resources to help you run your business, including: Business Licenses, Compliance Calendar, Minutes Manager, Annual Report, Registered Agent, Cloud Document Storage, Legal Form Templates, D&B Credit Alert, and a 20% Discount on Additional LegalZoom Offerings.

How does it work?

  • Speak with our team to discuss your vision and how Equip's custom approach can help you meet your business goals.

  • Get introduced to your legal and tax professionals and have initial questions answered.

  • Reconnect with your account manager to determine next steps and address any action items from consults.