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Will the loan be guaranteed by some kind of collateral or other security?

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Promissory notes: What is it?

A promissory note is an agreement to pay back a loan. Secured means that the loan is guaranteed by security or collateral. Unsecured simply means that it is not. There a few different types of notes, each based on different structures of  how and when the borrower will pay the lender.

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So, what goes into a Promissory Notes:

  • Who it's coming from

    Know if they're a business or individual and have their name and contact info ready.

  • Who it's going to

    Have their name and contact info ready, too.

  • Which laws will govern it

    Know which state's laws will apply if there's some kind of dispute.

  • What it's about

    Have a summary of the general nature of the loan ready (e.g., the amount, the interest rate, if any).

  • Dates

    Be clear about when this takes effect.

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