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Form an Alaska Corporation

Ready to incorporate? Transform your organization into a legal business entity in three easy steps today with LegalZoom. Once you incorporate, you'll gain the ability to protect your personal assets from financial risk and to shrink your personal tax bill. We'll help you choose what type of corporation you want to become and walk you through the whole process. LegalZoom has helped thousands of businesses incorporate online so you can feel confident using the best resource on the web.

When incorporating in Alaska with LegalZoom, we not only file your articles of incorporation with the Alaska Secretary of State, but we also prepare customized bylaws and director resolutions. We can also obtain your Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) and provide other customized services for your Alaska corporation.

Alaska Incorporation Information

Incorporating in Alaska

Corporate Names:

The name that you choose for your Alaska corporation:

Must be distinguishable from any other registered Alaska business entity and any reserved names on record; Must not coincide with any non-registered business name that has been established in common law by usage over a long period of time; Must not imply that the Alaska corporation is a municipality; and Must not imply that the Alaska corporation was organized for any other purpose than what is listed in the articles of incorporation. LegalZoom allows you to choose up to 3 names, in order of preference. We will conduct a name check before filing to see which names are available.

In addition, the name must contain one of the following endings (or an abbreviation of):

"Incorporated" "Corporation" "Company" "Limited"

Alaska state law restricts the use of certain words and phrases in business names. When you form your Alaska corporation with LegalZoom, your business name choices are reviewed for compliance with applicable state laws.

Formation Requirements:

When you incorporate in Alaska, the corporation's existence begins after the articles of incorporation are filed with the Alaska Secretary of State (called the "Commissioner.") Alaska law requires certain information to be included in your articles of incorporation. The following is a summary of those requirements:


Eligibility Requirements: One incorporating in Alaska must be a natural person at least 18 years of age. Duties - One or more incorporators are required to sign and deliver the articles of incorporation to the Alaska Commissioner.
Additional Powers - If the articles do not name initial directors, the persons incorporating in Alaska may act to perfect the corporation's organization, such as adopting or amending the bylaws and electing directors.

Corporate Purpose:

Alaska allows a corporation to be formed for any lawful purpose(s).

Director Information:

Minimum Number of Directors: One or More, fixed by the bylaws unless specified by the articles of incorporation. If no number of directors is otherwise specified, the default number is three. A change in the number of directors, whether by amendment or by action of either the board or shareholders, must be approved by a majority of the board. No such change may shorten the term of an incumbent director.

Residence Requirements: None.

Age Requirements: None.

Listing Requirements: Directors are not required to be listed in articles.

Stock Information:

Information regarding classes and series of shares, including rights and restrictions, and the number of shares of each class and series that the corporation is authorized to issue and those that the board of directors is allowed to change. Other Required Information:

The name of the initial registered agent and the address of the initial registered office.
The principal office address.
The name and address of each incorporator.
The name and address of each alien affiliate.
The primary and secondary business classification code (SIC) which best describes the corporation's initial business activities.
Optional Provisions: Alaska also permits optional provisions to be integrated into the articles of incorporation for corporations that wish to formalize additional criteria, such as:

Increased rights for or restrictions on shareholders and stock
Increased rights for or restrictions on the board of directors
Limitations on the corporation's duration of existence
LegalZoom allows you to designate whether any or all of these provisions should be included.


Generally, Alaska incorporationbylaws are written to manage the corporation's business and to conduct the corporation's affairs, so long as the bylaws do not conflict with the articles of incorporation. A corporation maintains its bylaws at its principal executive office and is not required to file them with the state. LegalZoom will provide customized bylaws for your Alaska incorporation, based on the operation requirements that you specify.

Director Information:

Unless specified by the articles of incorporation, Alaska bylaws must state either:

The number of directors OR
The minimum or maximum number of directors and the manner in which shareholder or board approval will determine the exact number at a later specified time.
Alaska law contains certain requirements and prohibitions related to changing the number of directors after incorporation.

Officer Information:

The titles and duties of all officers, including president, secretary and treasurer, that are needed to sign instruments and share certificates must be either:

Stated in the bylaws OR
Determined by the board.
Any two or more offices may be held by the same person, except the offices of president and secretary. When all of the issued and outstanding stock of the corporation is owned by one person, the person may hold all or any combination of offices.

Registered Agent:

LegalZoom can also provide your Alaska corporation with registered agent services. Every Alaska corporation must have a registered agent in Alaska -- the person or office designated to receive official state correspondence and notice if the corporation is "served" with a lawsuit. The registered agent must be either:

An adult living in Alaska whose business is the same as the registered office, OR
A corporation whose business office is the same of the registered office.

Professional Corporations:

Under Alaska law, a professional corporation renders only one type of highly skilled, technical and specialized professional service, and its members are each licensed in this profession by the state.
These corporations are prohibited by law from engaging in other business.

Generally, the articles of incorporation of a professional corporation must meet the above requirements of a corporation, and must also provide:

The name of the profession to be practiced,
The names and addresses of all original shareholders, directors and officers AND
The address of the professional corporation's office.
A certificate from the profession's state regulatory board must be filed along with the articles of incorporation.

Biennial Report:

A biennial report must be filed with the Alaska Commissioner every two years. The first report must be filed within 6 months after original incorporation. This report must indicate:

The corporation's name and state/country of incorporation,
The name and address of its Alaska registered agent and office (and the principal address for foreign corporations),
The nature of the corporation's business,
The names and addresses of the corporation's directors and officers,
An itemization of shares authorized to issue,
An itemization of shares issued,
Information related to all alien affiliates, AND
The name, address and ownership of each 5% shareholder.

A corporation may voluntarily elect to wind up and dissolve by shareholder vote, written consent of the shares taken without a meeting or by approval or the board in certain situations. Once the decision to dissolve has been made, the corporation must immediately file a certificate showing this election. An Alaska corporation may be dissolved by its incorporators or initial directors upon filing articles of dissolution with the state.

Income Tax Rate:

The Alaska state income tax rate is variable, depending on taxable Alaska net income. For information on current Alaska tax rates, visit:

S Corporations:

S corporation status is recognized by the State of Alaska. Alaska does not require a separate annual filing from the S-corporation beyond Tax Return Form 04-611 or Form 04-611SF,

Biennial Corporation Tax:

Every domestic corporation must, before January 2 of each filing year, pay to the commissioner a biennial corporation tax of $100.