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Can I copyright a name, title, slogan, logo or idea?

A copyright protects original works of authorship. This could include lots of things, such as: books, movies, songs, dances, architecture, and software code.

Your work is protected by a copyright the moment it is created, but to get the full power of a copyright, you must register your copyright with the US Copyright Office. This creates an official, public record of your copyright. If you ever need to sue to protect your work, a registered copyright will be a huge benefit.

Copyright doesn’t protect ideas, systems or methods but it may protect the way those things are expressed. If it isn’t fixed in a tangible form such as having been written down, sculpted, built, or recorded – it cannot be protected by copyright.

What about slogans, logos, and titles?

If used to identify a brand in commerce, a trademark is usually required to protect these assets. In general, if a slogan, logo, or other asset creates a connection between a customer and a company, it is a trademark.

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