Checklist for New Corporations

Checklist for New Corporations

Incorporating is just one step in starting a new business. There are other federal, state, and practical considerations as well. The following is a list of things to do or think about once you have formed a new corporation:

  • Decide on corporate name
  • Prepare and file articles of incorporation
  • Contact the state tax board for information about state taxes and obtaining a state tax number
  • Check with the state department of consumer affairs to obtain any required business licenses or permits
  • Check zoning laws
  • Check with the city/ county business offices to obtain business licenses or permits
  • Contact the IRS for information on filing your federal tax schedules
  • Find out about workers' compensation if you will have employees
  • Protect your trade name
  • Meet with accountant to discuss capitalization and tax planning
  • Get adequate business insurance or a business rider to a homeowner's policy
  • Complete and file IRS Form SS-4
  • Prepare a shareholder agreement, if necessary
  • If necessary, meet with securities lawyer regarding stock sales
  • Obtain corporate seal and ring binder for minutes
  • Pay any applicable taxes for sale or issuance of stock
  • Hold organizational meeting
  • Complete the bylaws, waivers, minutes, and offers to purchase stocks
  • Sign all documents and place in minute book
  • Issue stock certificates
  • Be sure consideration is paid
  • Complete a bill of sale if property is traded for stock
  • Get licenses
  • Open bank account
  • For S corporation status, file IRS Form 2553
  • Print business cards and stationery
  • Acquire an email address
  • Set up your website

You can view more information on incorporating with LegalZoom at our Incorporation Process Page.

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