Personal Property

Personal Property

Because people acquire and dispose of personal property so often, it is not advisable to list a lot of small items in your will. Otherwise, when you sell or replace one of them, you may need to rewrite your will.

One solution is to describe the type of item you wish to give.

Example: Instead of saying, "I leave my 1998 Ford to my sister," state, "I leave any automobile I own at the time of my death to my sister."

Of course, if you do mean to give a specific item, you should describe it.

Example: Rather than "I leave my diamond ring to Joan," you should say, "I leave to Joan the one-half carat diamond ring that I inherited from my grandmother," because you might own more than one diamond ring at the time of your death.

Handwritten List of Personal Property

In some states, you are allowed to leave a handwritten list of personal items you wish to go to certain people that would be legally binding.

A handwritten note is not an option in most states. If you feel your family will honor your wishes, you can write out a list of personal items you want to go to certain people, but you must realize that there is no legal requirement for your list to be followed.