Amending the Articles of Organization

Amending the Articles of Organization

The articles of organization are simple and therefore rarely need to be amended. If you need to do so, however, you can either file a correc­tion or an amendment and pay a filing fee. In some states, a form is provided by the secretary of state, or similar office, for amending the articles of organization.

Amending Articles

There are certain types of changes, such as a change in company name or a change of registered agent, where amending the articles of organization is required. In general, anything that changes information provided in the original articles of organization should be filed with the state.

Restating Articles

In some states, you’re allowed to file restated articles of organization. This is often done when you need to make additional changes to your articles, but have already filed other articles of amendment. Filing restated articles lets you combine prior changes and make additional ones.