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How long will it take to process my application?

The Non-Provisional Utility Patent is broken into 2 different packages. Step 1 includes a professional patent drawings and initial consultation with a patent professional. This process generally takes approximately 4 weeks to complete. The optional search and review will require an additional week to complete. Step 2 includes preparation of your utility patent application (including integration of drawings, claims and all other necessary materials) and USPTO filing. Because of the complicated nature of Non-Provisional Utility Patent Applications, our affiliated patent firm will need at least 4 weeks to prepare and file such applications.

It may take two or more years for the USPTO to review your application and determine whether to issue the patent. An issued patent starts protecting your invention as of its filing date with the USPTO. If you have filed a Provisional Application for Patent relating to the same invention, and your Non-Provisional Utility Patent Application is filed within 12 months of your Provisional Application, your filing date will be the filing date of your Provisional Application.

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