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What do I need to include in my utility patent application?

Inventors seeking full patents must include four things in their applications: (1) a written description; (2) an oath or declaration; (3) a drawing of the invention; and (4) applicable fees.

Written Description

An inventor must include with his patent application a "specification," which is a written description of his invention. This specification must contain the invention's title (not brand or product name) and background, a brief description of the enclosed drawings (if necessary) and both summary and detailed descriptions of the invention.

The specification must also include a claims section, which is made up of descriptions of the invention's key elements and major limitations. In other words, this section is where you lay "claim" to each piece of your invention. The more detailed and complete that your descriptions are, the broader your patent protection will be.

Oath or Declaration

Each applicant must also provide a notarized oath or declaration swearing that he or she believes that they are the original creator of the invention.

Drawings of the Invention

If an invention requires drawings to be understood, you must provide a detailed drawing of every element listed in the claims section and file those drawings with your application.


Each application must also include all applicable fees.

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