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What's the difference between a Pet Protection Agreement® and a Pet Trust?

Like a Pet Protection Agreement(R), a stand-alone Pet Trust is a legal document used to ensure that your pets are cared for in case you pass away or become unable to take care of your pets. However, stand-alone pet trust has more formalities and should be created by an attorney who specializes in estate planning and has special experience in pet issues.

If a pet owner plans to leave a substantial amount of money for the care of pets or believes that family members may put up a fight, then a formal stand-alone pet trust can be a good option. Statutory pet trusts can be created through a Last Will, but they often include only basic, limited provisions.
Documents Statutory Pet Trust (Created by Last Will) Pet Trust (Formal Stand-Alone) PET PROTECTION AGREEMENT
Legal in all states No Yes Yes
Affordable, can be created without an attorney Not usually No Yes
Enforceable during Pet Owner's lifetime No Yes Yes
Binding care instructions No Yes Yes
Service, Medical providers & Community of care No Yes Yes
Keeps pets together Not always Yes Yes
Signed by Pet Guardian so as to confirm agreement No Yes Yes
Can be created without trust funds Yes No Yes
Any funds must be used for pets Not always Yes Yes

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