Durable Power of Attorney Permissions

Durable Power of Attorney Permissions

You can give your attorney-in-fact as many or as few powers as you want. A power of attorney can authorize your agent to do any or all of the following on your behalf:

  • Pay for support and care
  • Borrow money
  • Conduct banking transactions
  • Manage property
  • Handle legal claims
  • Access safe deposit boxes
  • Deal with insurance and retirement benefits
  • Prepare and file tax returns
  • Exercise stockholder rights
  • Contract for services
  • Make gifts
  • Collect social security benefits
  • Any other task allowed by law that you require

A LegalZoom Power of Attorney lets you specify what standard powers you want to give to your attorney-in-fact, when the document becomes effective, and what specific powers you want to add. If you wish to give someone authority to make healthcare decisions on your behalf, you can do so by preparing and signing a healthcare power of attorney in the LegalZoom Living Will.

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