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US Copyright Registration Made Simple

Copyrights protect original works of authorship, including books, songs, photographs, and other creative works. Your copyright allows you to control how your work is reproduced, distributed and presented publicly.
With federal copyright registration, you:
  1. Establish a public record of your copyright ownership
  2. May sue for copyright infringement in Federal court
  3. Can stop importation of goods infringing your copyright
LegalZoom can help you easily and affordably register your copyright in Three Easy Steps. Because we file using the Copyright Office's electronic application, your registration certificate could arrive up to a full year earlier.
Complete our simple, easy-to-understand questionnaire.
We review your answers, assemble your copyright application, and file it with the US Copyright Office.
You receive your Certificate of Registration by mail.
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Copyright Pricing
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LegalZoom Federal Copyright Service$114

Government Filing Fee$35
Bill Handel, LegalZoom Endorser, January 1, 2005Bill Handel
Radio host of "Handel on the Law"
Dan Patrick, LegalZoom Endorser, December 1, 2007 Dan Patrick
Radio host of "The Dan Patrick Show"
Filling out the Questionnaire is free. There is no time limit. At the end, you may decide whether or not to purchase.