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LegalZoom's Peace of Mind Review™ for Last Wills

In addition to hundreds of automated online checks, LegalZoom's professional legal document assistants will personally...
  • Ensure all required questions have been answered.
  • Check for internal consistency throughout.
  • Check spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout.
  • Correct for capitalization and lower case where required.
  • Ensure proper pagination and eliminate blank spaces.
  • Spell out common abbreviations or 'symbols' in English.
  • Ensure that the entire document is prepared in a professional and consistent font and font size.
  • Check for correct residency information. Indicating the proper state is crucial to ensuring the document conforms to your state's requirements.
  • Check for conflicting directives regarding property distribution and ensure nominated individuals qualify to serve for specific roles.
  • Ensure that your personal directives are located in the appropriate sections of the document.
  • Verify that full names are given (first and last) and that all names appear consistently throughout the whole document.
  • Check for Joint Wills. Joint wills have significant legal disadvantages. If the document is made out for two people, this will require further consultation.
  • Make sure that at least one personal representative (or Executor) has been named.
  • Provide additional space for you to indicate your county of residence, if not provided.
  • Verify that 100% of the estate is accounted for and distributed amongst the Principal Heir(s). Principal Heir(s) receive the bulk of the estate (or residual amount) in terms of a general percentage. This helps to avoid uncertainty when distributing the estate.
  • Verify that the specific bequests sections (if included) do not leave a percentage of the estate that would conflict with the Principal Heir(s). Specific bequests are a second type of property distribution in the Will which deal with specific items such as: My car, My iPod, My home.
  • Check for duplicate distributions ensuring that both specific gifts and residual amounts are not given twice to two different heirs.
  • Ensure whole amounts are used when distributing the estate to Principal Heir(s). Change amounts to fractions, whenever possible, instead of decimals when listing percentages (i.e. 33 1/3% instead of 33.333% when split equally 3-ways).
  • Ensure proper formatting of monetary amounts (when applicable) throughout the document adding 'dollars' and 'decimals' ($100,000.00). This helps to avoid uncertainty when distributing the estate.
  • Check applicable language for equal distribution of property if more than one heir is named.
  • Check and correct for appropriate language regarding joint appointments when more than one person has been chosen for specific roles (for example, Joint Executors, Joint Guardians, Joint Trustees).
  • Ensure that trust beneficiaries are also listed as an heir or alternate heir when a Testamentary Trust Clause has been included. In order for the Trust to properly function, the trust beneficiary must be entitled to some part of the estate.
  • Ensure lump sum amounts are used for any Pet Trust provisions. In order for the Pet Trust to properly function, it must be funded with a set dollar amount, rather than a percentage of the overall estate or stipends.
  • Ensure proper handling of 'Self Proving Affidavit' and 'Statement of Interment' pages (if applicable) as standalone attachments, since these are not considered part of the core Will document.
  • Ensure stringent state requirements are met. Some examples include:
    • California Wills do not have a 'Self Proving Affidavit'. California Wills cannot be self-proved.
    • California Wills do not have notary references. In California, a Will does not need to be notarized in order to be legal.
    • A 'Self Proving Affidavit' for those states which allow Wills to be self-proved notary acknowledgments will also be provided.
    • Texas Wills include specific language relating to independent executors.
    • Louisiana Wills include specific language which conforms to state law.
    • Special instructions for signature and notary acknowledgments are provided for Louisiana Wills.
    • Washington DC Wills include specific language which conforms to applicable law within the District of Columbia.
  • Provide additional Witness Signature Lines to further protect your Will.
  • Verify shipping addresses and email addresses are valid to ensure timely delivery.
  • Check the spell checker. We do not rely on software spell checkers alone every inch of the document is scanned for typos by a real person.
  • Identify references within the Will to legal matters that require different documentation (such as health care, life support, etc.) and send notifications about the appropriate document.
  • Provide 100% completeness in service, initiating contact by phone and email for additional clarification when needed and much more!

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