Legal Forms

When running a business, you are faced with myriad situations that require well-crafted legal agreements that protect your interests. It's important to clearly define each party's roles and responsibilities before you enter into an agreement. Each form comes with detailed instructions, dos & don'ts checklist and other helpful tips and information to help you create an effective, binding legal document.

Amendment of Agreement

When the terms of an agreement have changed, you need to document those changes with an amendment of agreement.

Arbitration Agreement

Obtain an arbitration agreement.

Assignment of Agreement

Use an assignment of agreement to move one party's responsibility to another.

Breach of Contract Notice

Notify businesses or partners about failure to perform contract obligations.

Business Plan Nondisclosure Agreement

Use a nondisclosure agreement to protect your business plans and confidential information.

Certification of Cease and Desist

Obtain a certification of cease and desist.

Domain Name Cease and Desist Letter

Use a website cease and desist letter to protect your trademark from infringement by domain names.

Equipment Lease Agreement

An equipment lease agreement can help you get the equipment your business needs.

Extension of Agreement

Use our extension of agreement form to quickly, easily, and affordably continue your business relationships.

Final Invoice

Get a professional invoice to help you collect payments most effectively.

General Agreement

Create a general agreement letter to prevent misunderstandings.

Joint Venture Agreement Amendments

Use a joint venture agreement amendment form to update your business arrangements.

Late Payment Collection Letter

A late payment collection letter can help you collect late payments.

Letter of Intent for Business Transaction

Use a letter of intent for business transaction to negotiate the terms of an agreement before finalizing the contract.

Letter of Resignation

Use a formal letter of resignation to inform your boss of your resignation.

Mutual Rescission of Contract and Release

When you need to end a contract before significant work has been done, you can complete a mutual rescission and release of contract so that both parties are clear about the end of the agreement.

Notice of Dissolution of Partnership (Debtors and Creditors)

Any dissolution of partnership involves notifying creditors and debtors.

Partnership Dissolution Agreement

Get a partnership dissolution agreement to protect your interests while dissolving your business.

Product Supply Agreement

Use a product supply agreement to streamline the process of transporting products from seller to buyer.

Purchase Receipt

A professional purchase receipt makes a great impression.

Research and Development Agreement

Use a research and development agreement to establish a product development relationship.

Returned Check Notice

Recover the payment owed to you with a returned check notice.

Termination of Agreement and Release (General)

When it's time to end an agreement, a termination of agreement and release spells out the details clearly.

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